I am hugely interested in how incentives and decentralization affect the future of collective action, money and information flow. I help companies, labs and groups of people think through their business models, incentives and strategy.
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Here is what occupies most of my time these days

standard-metaSelf regulation framework
IdeaSpaceexploration of ideas
Denver BiolabsCommunity Synthetic Biology Lab


Post ScarcityThe Bayesian Conspiracy PodcastDenver
CrowdraisingCreating a Humanist BlockchainRhys Lindmark/Youtube
ICOs and CryptoPeer Revue / Science RiotDenver Museum of Nature and Science
Taking BlockchainCo-Op Power hourKGNU News Boulder
Adhoc CollaborationDenver Product Managers/Pivotal LabsDenver
Pitch1MillionCups Denver/Colorado lending sourceColorado Lending source
pitchNew Tech DenverCommons on Champa