I curate solutions to problems I find interesting here.

If you are working on something along these lines, do reach out on twitter or

Finance as easy as email – Currently this involves juggling legacy APIs or building on crypto

Curation as a service – Scihub, Awesome Lists, Twitter Lists, Golden, Holloway

Funding Creativity – Open Collective, MolochDAO, Patreon. My note on supporting creatives expands on my thinking here

Productivity – Superhuman, Trello, Building a Second Brain

Semantic Web – Open data on everything

Legally Binding Programmable Contracts – Open Law, Legalese, The LAO

Better Habitats – Sea Steading, Space Stations, Cleaning up the plastic patch, Tiny Homes, Pod Living, Co-Living projects like Roam, BitNation, Freedomship, the google Barge